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Archaeology Live! 2019
Archaeology Live! has been hosted by the Hungate excavations since 2007, but it is now time to move on to a new site. For details of the 2015 Archaeology Live! training excavations please click here

As the Hungate excavation has been completed, please visit for the latest information on our current and future training excavations.

The Hungate excavation is the biggest ever archaeological dig in York city centre. The archaeologists have been uncovering 2000 years in the life of York and work is continuing in stages as the development moves forward.

Highlights of the dig have included uncovering part of a 1,700 year old Roman cemetery, finding out what Viking Age life was like alongside Hungate 1000 years ago and how people used the land in medieval times. More recently, the Archaeology Live! training excavation has discovered the lost medieval church of St. John the Baptist.

Hungate is a unique dig where you can come and see the past unfolding in front of your eyes, where new discoveries are made every day.
The Hungate area lies to the east of York city centre, adjacent to the River Foss.

York Archaeological Trust for Excavation and Research Limited
Registered Office: 47 Aldwark, York, YO1 7BX

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