Hello everyone, Tyler here and here are few facts about me…

I have a strong interest in promoting health related topics. My current project is this website, and I want to make an impact on people’s habits by making them abandon their bad habits like eating junk food and processed foods, and move to a healthier lifestyle which includes training and stress management.

I’ve just turned 33 and I live in the UK.


I spent 2001-2006 marketing supplements in York, so I have some information regarding the right supplements for every case. I managed a small team building in London too. Spent 2008-2014 supervising a team of customer service for a telecom company.

As you probably figured out by now, I’m very enthusiastic about the thing that improves our life the most – the quality of our health. I try to do the best with mine, but are you doing the best with yours?

If not, no worries, because knowledge is power, and if you stick around, you will learn enough things to greatly improve the quality of your health.

So stay close, and see how far this road takes you.

Tyler Dig Hungate