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Archaeology Live! 2019
Archaeology Live! has been hosted by the Hungate excavations since 2007, but it is now time to move on to a new site. For details of the 2015 Archaeology Live! training excavations please click here

As the Hungate excavation has been completed, please visit for the latest information on our current and future training excavations.

The Hungate excavation is the biggest ever archaeological dig in York city centre. The archaeologists have been uncovering 2000 years in the life of York and work is continuing in stages as the development moves forward.

Highlights of the dig have included uncovering part of a 1,700 year old Roman cemetery, finding out what Viking Age life was like alongside Hungate 1000 years ago and how people used the land in medieval times. More recently, the Archaeology Live! training excavation has discovered the lost medieval church of St. John the Baptist.

Hungate is a unique dig where you can come and see the past unfolding in front of your eyes, where new discoveries are made every day.
The Hungate area lies to the east of York city centre, adjacent to the River Foss.

York Archaeological Trust for Excavation and Research Limited
Registered Office: 47 Aldwark, York, YO1 7BX

Benefits of Vert Shock Program For Increasing Vertical Jump


This time I decided to do an article about a fresh training program I’m currently looking at for increasing an athlete’s vertical jump. In this article, I intend to reveal some information about the new Vert Shock program to help people who are interested in increasing their vertical jump and decide whether this training program will suit for them.

The purpose of this post is to offer accurate and helpful facts for those who are interested in the program and are considering purchasing it. It’s also recommended to watch some reviews of Vert Shock and see what other people have done in the course of just 8 weeks with the program.

There are plenty of ways for improving and working on your vertical jump. Many trainers and coaches claim to be experts on this field, but the truth is, most of them have a poor understanding of jumping mechanics, and they simply lack the knowledge of basic jump principles.

Therefore, if you’re a basketball player, there’s a good chance that your coach is training you wrong, and you might need to consider using a jump program instead.

The Vert Shock program

Vert Shock is a new training system that dares to claim it can help players gain 10 inches on their vertical jump in the course of just 8 weeks. This is not just a mere claim though, this is a real guarantee. This alone speaks volumes about the amount of confidence Adam Folker, creator of the program, has in his product.

Electronic Resource

Vert Shock is unique in plenty of other ways, particularly in advocating the significance of mastering and understanding the nine aspects of vertical jump. Rather than discouraging athletes from considering every option, the program aims to enhance on existing methods by small-to-digest guides such as how to eat to improve your metabolism and how to train right, while also emphasizing the necessity of hard work and commitment.

Vert Shock is an electronic resource, a digital software system which can be downloaded to your mobile device as well as installed on your PC or MAC. It provides relevant and helpful information about physiology and also principles behind improving your vertical leap.

What Makes The Vert Shock System Unique?

The Vert Shock training program also offers an array of extra resources such as optimization guides, workout structuring, and interactive training. For athletes who are serious about getting high-level conditioning, Vert Shock is a great solution, and it must be considered as an addition to their training library.

Most athletes nowadays rely on coaches or colleagues for guidance and information about jump training. Vert Shock offers the most up to date information and allows people to take responsibility and ownership on their personal developments.

Adam Folker (middle) honored at the UC Irvine annual salute

It’s no secret that one of the key points to achieving a high vertical leap is commitment and dedication. However according to Adam Folker, founder and creator of Vert Shock, too much hard work can be harmful as it can lead to over-training, and if you’re not structuring you’re training properly then you’re setting yourself to fail.

Raising the Bar for Vertical Jump Programs

The comprehensive and detailed information along with the constant support provided by Vert Shock ensures that anyone who uses the program will get significant gains from it. If any confusion arises, they even offer a one-on-one consultation and tips through email by Adam Folker himself.

The program also gives you access to a members forum where you can post videos, comment and ask other people to critique your vertical jump.

Finally, Vert Shock is also very famous and has gained large publicity with a huge number of testimonials that speak only good of it.

I think this only proves that this system is extremely powerful. For this reason, if you’re playing basketball, it’s worth considering using this training program for improving your vertical jump.

Can You Influence Your Metabolism?

It is not uncommon to hear people blame the excess weight they are gaining on a slow metabolism, because even after cutting calories and performing regular exercise they don’t lose weight. For my first post I would like to clarify myths and truths about the effect of weight metabolism, including if it’s possible to accelerate it and how to lose weight effectively.

The Harris-Benedict formula

Metabolism is a term that describes all the chemical processes that occur regularly in the body and allow the proper functioning of all the organs. Among the processes we are talking about are breath, renewal of cells, food digestion and muscle activity. Carrying out these processes requires an energy input that comes from the food we consume.

The minimum amount of energy which is necessary to carry out the metabolic activity is called BMR – basic metabolism rate. Compared to the base rate there’s the overall rate, which is the recommended amount of total energy consumption for us every day. Both of these values ​​are measured in calories.

Harris Benedict

The basic metabolism rate ranges from 40% to 70% of the total energy consumption of the body, depending on the age, sex and lifestyle. The lower the percentage is, the slower the basic metabolism rate (BMR).

There are many calculators that calculate the mandatory minimum energy consumption (BMR) and the total energy consumption required for the body daily, but only those based on the Harris-Benedict formula are considered to be relatively accurate. You can find one by visiting the medical school of Cornell University.

Harris-Benedict formula takes into account sex (male or female), height, weight, age, comorbidities or physical conditions that is not right and the amount of daily activities (active or sedentary activity).

Applying the formula (Once you have entered your personal data) provides two numerical values ​​- the minimum amount of calories that is essential for maintaining the body (BMR) and overall calories recommended for us.

For example, a man who is 50 years old, height 170, weighs 160lbs (72 kg), has no comorbidities and works at a desk job will receive a BMR value of 1568 calories per day and a general amount of 1882 calories.

In contrast, when the same person works while involved in physical activity he will receive the values of 1568 (not variable) and 1980 calories. Thus it is clear, a person with the same characteristics who is less active and still consumes the same amount and composition of food, will gain weight eventually.

The key takeaway I’d like to highlight with this post is that what’s currently recommended today as the average caloric intake (approximately 2,500 calories per day for men and 2,000 calories for women) is absolutely not accurate and only assisting the Harris-Benedict formula will yield accurate personal values that can serve those who want to maintain weight or reduce it.

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